Red Earth Software TechSoup Donation

Red Earth Software is pleased to donate a 25-user version of Policy Patrol Mail Security to qualified non-profit organizations as part of the online donation program of TechSoup.

Policy Patrol Mail Security is a comprehensive email filter for Exchange Server and Lotus Domino, and addresses the pain points of email use: spam, phishing, large attachments, inappropriate use, the need for centralized disclaimers and email signatures, content security, confidentiality concerns, reputation and brand protection, and prevention of legal issues involving email.

To get your donated copy, please go to the TechSoup website. For those organizations that have already received their donation through TechSoup and require more Policy Patrol users, server installations, anti-virus or access to telephone support, we are glad to extend a 50% non-profit discount on the additional user, server and phone support prices listed below. In addition, we can provide a 35% non-profit discount on the multi anti-malware scanner Metascan add-on. Please contact us to obtain pricing on Metascan.

To place your order and receive your discount, please use the following order form. Be sure to include your TechSoup order number on the order form in order to obtain your discount.

Additional user prices

If you require more than 25 users, you can purchase additional user packs as listed below. As a TechSoup customer you will receive a 50% discount on these prices.

CodeProduct namePrice
PPMA010Policy Patrol Mail Security 10 additional users$355
PPMA025Policy Patrol Mail Security 25 additional users$535
PPMA035Policy Patrol Mail Security 35 additional users$675
PPMA050Policy Patrol Mail Security 50 additional users$805
PPMA075Policy Patrol Mail Security 75 additional users$1,125
PPMA100Policy Patrol Mail Security 100 additional users$1,485
PPMA200Policy Patrol Mail Security 200 additional users$2,155
PPMA250Policy Patrol Mail Security 250 additional users$2,335
PPMA300Policy Patrol Mail Security 300 additional users$2,470
PPMA400Policy Patrol Mail Security 400 additional users$2,725
PPMA500Policy Patrol Mail Security 500 additional users$2,965

Metascan Multi Anti-Virus Scanner

Using Metascan technology, Policy Patrol Mail Security can quickly scan email attachments with multiple anti-malware engines to detect and block advanced threats. Metascan is available as an add-on for Policy Patrol Mail Security in the packages listed below.  As a TechSoup customer you will receive a 35% discount on Metascan. Contact for pricing information.

CodeProduct namePrice
META4Metascan – 4 engines – 1 yearPlease Contact
META8Metascan – 8 engines – 1 yearPlease Contact
META12Metascan – 12 engines – 1 yearPlease Contact
META16Metascan – 16 engines – 1 yearPlease Contact

Additional server installations

An additional server license must be purchased for each additional Policy Patrol installation including cluster, backup and front-end servers. The additional server license is not based on users and no serial number will be provided. The license simply allows you to use your existing serial number on an additional machine. The user count on all Policy Patrol installations must not exceed the number of users of the initial product. As a TechSoup customer you will receive a 50% discount on these prices.

CodeProduct namePriceMaintenance
PPASERPolicy Patrol additional server$295$59

Purchase phone support

TechSoup donations include free email support ( If you require access to telephone support, you can purchase a maintenance contract. For more information on our maintenance program, please view our maintenance terms and conditionsAs a TechSoup customer you will receive a 50% discount on these prices.

CodeProduct namePrice
MPPM025Maintenance Policy Patrol Mail Security 25 users (1 year)$145
MPPM035Maintenance Policy Patrol Mail Security 35 users (1 year)$180
MPPM050Maintenance Policy Patrol Mail Security 50 users (1 year)$220
MPPM075Maintenance Policy Patrol Mail Security 75 users (1 year)$295
MPPM100Maintenance Policy Patrol Mail Security 100 users (1 year)$350
MPPM150Maintenance Policy Patrol Mail Security 150 users (1 year)$439
MPPM250Maintenance Policy Patrol Mail Security 250 users (1 year)$519
MPPM350Maintenance Policy Patrol Mail Security 350 users (1 year)$579
MPPM500Maintenance Policy Patrol Mail Security 500 users (1 year)$659
MPPM750Maintenance Policy Patrol Mail Security 750 users (1 year)$799
MPPM1000Maintenance Policy Patrol Mail Security 1000 users (1 year)$899
MPPM2000Maintenance Policy Patrol Mail Security 2000 users (1 year)$1,099

Terms and conditions

Pricing for Policy Patrol is per Policy Patrol installation and is based on the number of users you wish to create rules for. If you require multiple installations (for instance for clustered nodes, front end servers or back up servers) you must purchase an additional server license for each additional Policy Patrol installation.

Please consult our knowledge base for frequently asked questions on licensing.