Policy Patrol Signatures for Google Apps

  • Project a uniform, professional appearance by standardizing email signatures.
  • Utilize emails as marketing tools by adding company news and promotions.
  • Increase corporate awareness by adding a logo to your email signatures.
  • Minimize legal risks regarding email contents.
  • Aid compliance with IRS Circular 230, HIPAA, UK Companies Act and others.
  • Protect confidentiality with appropriate email disclaimers.

Google Apps Email Signature Management

Centrally Manage Email Signatures in Google Apps

Need to centrally manage your company’s email signatures, but have no way to do this in Google Apps? Policy Patrol Signatures integrates directly with Google Apps and Outlook and allows you to centrally manage your users’ email signatures to ensure that your corporate emails contain a professional email signature along with the necessary legal disclaimer. Email signatures can contain images, links, and formatting.

Brand Your Emails

By adding company branded email signatures to all emails that are sent from your organization, you are not only portraying a professional image, you are also increasing brand awareness. That image boost doesn’t require the high-cost of employees making manual changes to signatures and disclaimers. With Policy Patrol Signatures, it can be set up once and done automatically.

Utilize your Email Signatures for Marketing

By making use of Active Directory and Google Apps merge fields, you can configure just one email signature template that is automatically customized with the sender’s information. The ability to effortlessly update your email signatures opens up a valuable new marketing possibility. Think of all those emails that are exchanged every day with your customers and suppliers, the perfect audience for your latest promotions and company news. Did your company recently win an award? Is your company hosting an upcoming event? Why not include an announcement in your email signature to ensure that your most important contacts are in the know.

Build social media followers

Want to increase customer loyalty and build social media followers? Including social media links in your email signature is a great way to build your social media following. Policy Patrol can also include personalized links to for instance LinkedIn bios, and insert personalized images taken from Active Directory.

Fully featured

Policy Patrol Signatures allow you to add user-based email signatures, include logos and links, Active Directory and Google Apps merge fields, and personalized links to bios and LinkedIn profiles. Policy Patrol Signatures also allows you to control the message font that is used when sending messages in Outlook, and to distinguish between email signatures used on new messages and on replies and forwards. Read more about how Policy Patrol Signatures offers every feature you will ever need to manage your email signatures with.

System Requirements

  • Windows 2003/2008/2008 R2, Windows XP Professional/Vista or Windows 7/8
  • Google Apps
  • Microsoft .NET Framework

Tried and Tested

Policy Patrol is at work in the smallest offices and in the largest corporations, filtering emails for thousands of companies worldwide. Why not try it? Download your 30-day evaluation version.

Email Signature Management in the Cloud

Are you looking for hosted email signature management? With mySignaturesOnline.com for Office 365, Google Apps and hosted Exchange, you can manage your signatures online for employees in the office and on the road. Try the 14-day trial.