• Metascan®

    Protect against advanced threats with multi-antimalware scanning, document sanitization and file type verification.

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  • Email Signatures

    Add professional email signatures and disclaimers on Exchange Server, Office 365, Google Apps and Outlook. Increase brand awareness & aid compliance.
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  • Email Security

    Secure your Exchange email with anti spam, email filtering, content checking, compression, email attachment filtering and anti-virus.Get compliant and reduce liablity
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  • Secure File Transfer

    Send and receive large and secure files through web portal and set central policies on Exchange to direct email attachments via secure file transfer.
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Industry News

Need Disk Encryption? TrueCrypt is Still One of the Best Options

In mid-2014, to the chagrin of many, TrueCrypt development was discontinued. Considering its popularity and the general response by the public, it was no surprise that within a few months a group of developers have revived this open source stalwart by forking the code into CipherShed.

Using Metascan and F5 Big IP Appliances to Block Malicious File Uploads

Previously, we have discussed how Metascan® can be used to scan HTTP traffic that is being routed through a Blue Coat proxy server. Routing traffic through a proxy allows an organization to be protected against any threats coming into the network as a result of people within the network accessing malicious files. In this case, potential malware is prevented from being ‘pulled’ into the organization unwittingly.

Top Three Ways to Protect Yourself from Ransomware

In a recent article 'How My Mom Got Hacked', essayist Alina Simone wrote about how her mother became a victim of the latest form of ransomware: Cryptowall 2.0 (detected by multiple antivirus engines as variations of Trojan.Win32/Filecoder). Like other ransomware, once unleashed Cryptowall encrypts all the files on your hard drive and any connected devices. The malware then shows a ransomnote, saying that you have one week to pay a fee to receive the key to decrypt your files. In this case, the victim was asked to pay $500 within a week, otherwise the fee would go up to $1,000. The malware then shows a countdown clock, increasing the pressure to pay up! Mom ended up paying the fee, and at least did receive her decryption key from the hackers. However, the Internet Crime Complaint Center advises not to pay the ransomware since if victims keep on paying the ransomware this will keep on enticing the ‘bad guys’ to continue creating new ransomware. In other words, prevention is the best option.

Company News

OPSWAT Survey Finds Malware Breaches in Companies Commonplace

OPSWAT, provider of solutions to secure and manage IT infrastructure, today announced the results of a recent email security survey held in partnership with Red Earth Software, developers of email security solutions for Exchange Server. The survey showed that over half of the respondents experienced malware breaches in the past 18 months, and that phishing emails were able to get past filters and trick employees at half of the companies surveyed.

OPSWAT and Avira Strengthen Metascan Partnership

OPSWAT and Avira today announced the inclusion of Avira’s antivirus engine in all packages of Metascan. Since no single product can provide guaranteed protection 100% of the time, OPSWAT’s robust anti-malware multi-scanning technology provides an alternative that allows organizations to scan data using multiple anti-malware engines simultaneously, increasing detection rates for all types of malware, including new outbreaks and attacks specifically targeting Windows, Linux, Android and other operating systems.

OPSWAT and Kaspersky Lab Partner to Add Kaspersky Anti-Virus to Metascan

OPSWAT and Kaspersky Lab today announced that Kaspersky Anti-Virus is now included in OPSWAT’s robust multi-scanning technology, Metascan. Metascan is a powerful and flexible network security solution that provides the capability to detect and prevent threats, both known and unknown, using multiple anti-malware engines.